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Bellevue Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

If your financial obligations have become unmanageable and you have no reasonable prospects of repaying your creditors, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing (also known as liquidation) may be the answer you need to get a new start. However, under the new bankruptcy laws, enacted in 2005, it is much more difficult for consumers to qualify to file for protection under Chapter 7. You want an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to help you identify your options and make informed decisions that are in your best interests.

At the office of Bertolini, Schroeder & Blount, Attorneys at Law, in Bellevue, our attorneys have over 81 years of experience successfully working with individuals throughout the Omaha metro area. With longstanding ties to our community, we have built our practice through a commitment to personal service and attention. We work hard to make ourselves available when you need answers, to respond promptly to your phone calls and to keep you regularly informed of the status of your case. To schedule a free initial meeting, contact our offices or call us at 402-982-4237.

Your Rights in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing

When you file for protection under Chapter 7, your creditors must immediately cease any efforts to collect a debt from you, whether through phone calls, letters or legal action. If you qualify for protection under Chapter 7, you will be allowed to completely discharge certain debts in exchange for the sale of non-exempt assets. As a general rule, child support arrearages, student loan payments and some types of taxes may not be discharged. Likewise, such assets as principal residence, motor vehicle and retirement assets are excluded from sale in the bankruptcy proceeding.

To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must submit to a "means test." The bankruptcy court will look at your earning capacity and other resources to assess whether you have the means to repay your creditors over a 3 to 5 year period. If so, your only recourse in bankruptcy will be under Chapter 13.

Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Practice

When we handle your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, we prepare and submit all required documents and act as your representative with creditors and with the bankruptcy court. We will help you conduct your own means test, to determine before you file whether you qualify. We will make certain that you know which debts can be discharged and that all exempt assets are protected from sale (we have extensive knowledge of Nebraska's specific laws governing which assets you can keep in a Chapter 7 filing).

For a free initial consultation with experienced Nebraska attorneys, contact us or call us at 402-982-4237.


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